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Commercial Window Tinting

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Commercial Window tinting near me

Commercial window tinting is a form of a renovation project that enhances the aesthetic traits of the building as well as UV rays protection, among many others. Commercial window tinting Los Angeles has been preferred by most commercial property owners who find the benefits overwhelming.

The cost of commercial window tinting is relatively fair and incomparable to the returns you get from the renovation project. The overall condition and environment in places of work mostly affect the level of staff productivity. There are a number of commercial window tinting films available in the market today; it all depends on the quality of the material and technology used. 

Commercial Window Tinting Los Angeles

Depending o the film you’ll choose, you’ll help enhance the privacy and security of your commercial establishment.
It also helps improve visibility at night by improving the quality of indoor lighting. However, you need to pick the right professional them to help you with tinting projects for better and quality results. There are high-end quality films that need attention to detail, which is a trait possessed by professional commercial window tinting companies near me.

Let’s look at the types and forms of tinting available in the market today.


Deluxe Window Tinting.

Deluxe tinted windows have a great heat resistance that makes them a favorite option for commercial property owners who are established in hot areas. Plain windows are known to transfer light and heat quite easily, which leads to unfavorable working conditions. The film has excellent anti-glare and non-reflective properties, which improve its efficiency.


Reflective Window Tint

This form of the film is known to possess quality anti-glare properties, which help to keep away harmful UV rays, glare, and heat. It also attaches additional aesthetic traits with its shiny and silver look, which is visible from the exterior. They are known to also add a sense of elegance to your commercial building at very affordable rates.


EnerLogic Window Tints.

People who are after optimum efficiency and energy saving should go for EnerLogic window films. The film appears like an added panel to your window, which helps to cut down your utility bills by great margins. They come in handy during summer since they work effectively to produce great and ideal working conditions. It spells out improved productivity as well as reduced office energy bills.


Ceramic Window Tinting

This form of tinting utilizes nano-ceramic technology, which is resistant to corrosion. The technology also enhances the function of the tint since it has impressive heat and UV control. The ceramic windows have little or no reflective properties, which makes them a better material compared to the standard window tint.

 commercial window tinting pasadena

Commercial window tinting companies near me should help and suggest the ideal tinting option. Ensure you find a professional service provider who will do a commendable job to meet your requirements. Commercial exterior window tinting should enhance the appearance of your property while performing its functions as expected.



Let’s look at some of the benefits of commercial window tinting.


It helps control premature fading.

The sun exposes its wrath and benefit to every living or non-living object. Buildings and house structures protect us from exposure to harsh weather and climatical conditions. Windows have to suffer the same fate, regardless of their delicate nature. Commercial windows are exposed to harsh and dangerous rays of the sun, which instigates premature fading, which messes up with the overall appearance. Commercial window tinting will safeguard the condition and original state of the windows. The films help to block out up to 99% of ultraviolet rays, which cause fading in the ordinary windows. Using tint will save you from incurring renovation expenses as well as other utility bills.


Add visual appeal.

Most of the renovation projects are done to enhance the aesthetic aspect. Tinting is one of the most effective forms of renovation that improves the appeal of any commercial building or office. At times it may do the magic at the expense of other refurbishments and renovation projects. Tints are available in a variety of colors, patterns, texture, and function; it all depends on your taste and preference. You benefit from the anti-glare properties, which improve the appearance from the outside.


Enhance security and privacy.

Films are a useful tool to help you enhance the security and privacy of any commercial establishment. The technology applied in making films allows adequate light to pass through while blocking the outsiders from getting the full picture of everything taking place from the inside. There are many options such as blackout tint, opaque films, and frosted decorative films which block the outsiders as well as enhance the aesthetic aspect of the commercial building. You could also incorporate security window films that help reduce break-ins and prevent the danger posed by shattered glass.


Reducing heat and glare.

window tinting

People who fall victim to the exposure of harmful sun rays while working are prone to excessive fatigue, loss of concentration, and eyestrain. All these issues result in reduced productivity, which is bad for the company, which has to lose money through bills and suffer loses due to poor work performance. Working with the right commercial window tinting company will help you secure the highest quality window film suitable for your building.

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How much does commercial window tinting cost?

Commercial window tinting rates are highly dependant on a number of factors. Let’s look at some of the factors that affect the cost of commercial window tinting.


Film Types for Commercial Window Tinting

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of films in the market which have different prices due to parity in the quality of the tint material. Some of them utilize modern technologies to deliver optimum quality results. The standard solar films will cost between $5.00 and $7.00 a square foot. The installation fees vary since some people believe in pure professionalism while others opt for quick-fix through handymen. Ensure you get a warranty while dealing with high-end professional films.


Commercial Window Tinting Job Size

 The other crucial factor to consider is the size of the job, which is dependent on the size of the establishment. You should always expect to part ways with more cash when dealing with larger commercial buildings. Small and medium-sized structures will require more material than that of a small residential building. The rates are between $5.00-$7.00 a square foot inclusive of labor.


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